Friday, January 4, 2013

MTC Week 3

Well this week has actually been pretty intersting, in response to your questions about my companion, he is from Sandy Utah. He is a football player. One of the other Elders in my district is Elder N, from Provo and I asked him if he knew Henry L and he does! kinda cool. anyways about this week. Yeah the MTC got hit really hard with some sort of stomach flu, there were some zones I heard about where half the missionaries were throwing up. Pretty nasty. Elder G got really sick and threw up probably over a dozen times and the other two elders in my district were feeling pretty sick. I didn't get touched though which was really nice, I guess all those years of never using hand sanitizer and strengtheing my immune system has payed off.
        Okay now for a kinda funny story, so every week in Sacrament meeting we don't know who is going to speak and so they tell us what the topic is, and we are all supposed to prepare a 3 minute talk in Spanish to give in the meeting, and after the sacrament has been passed they tell us who will be speaking. Well I figured that since it was only my second Sunday here that they wouldn't call me up so I didn't really even prepare anything. unfortunatly I got called up and stumbled through a one to two minute talk in Spanish about baptism. It was really embarassing! we had a lesson two days ago with my teacher Brother R, it was the first time we were teaching "Roberto" and before all of our mock investigators had been cooperative and really easy to teach. not so much with Brother R, we had a horrible lesson, here is my english version of what is sounded like in Spanish:
"Hello how is family" "good and yours" "good" "so we to have a message about restorized gospel of Jesus Christ, a ten and four year young named Joseph Smith prayed to jesus to know what church truth, and God the father and Jesus Christ the son to appear him. he recieve the priesthood and we translated the book of Mormon" "where did he get the priesthood" "three spirits... no ... uhhh angels who was Peter, James, and.... this other guy gave it to him" "so your telling me that this kid, Joseph Smith got the priesthood from Peter, James, and this other guy and saw God and Jesus, you mormons are crazy" "we know these things are true you gotta believe us, oh and by the way your bible incorrect"
        you can imagine how well that went over, its really hard to explain difficult or sensitive ideas in broken spanish but hopefully Elder G and I will get better soon. Oh, by the way He is leaving for the Guatemalan CCM this Tuesday! I don't know for sure but im guessing that that means that I am going too! I should get my flight itinerary tommorow and know for sure if I am going by about next friday. but I think it looks like I will be going to the Guatemalan CCM pretty exciting.
Dad in answer to your questions:
1 Elder G is from SLC area and unfortunatley the MTC computers won't let me send pictures
2 only Elder R is going to ES-SA/B and he is my zone leader
3 not yet
4 already answered in previous paragraph
5 Not quite thinking or dreaming in Spanish yet but I'll keep trying
I don't need anything really, not word on dropbox , and not sure about the transfers
Sorry guys im running out of time I tried to fit as much as I could in this email as possible. It sounds like you are all doing really well, and I hope you guys are all working on the challenges that I gave you. I love you all and hope that you are doing fantastic. oh and happy 2013! 


Elder Schriever