Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guatemala MTC - Week 1

What's good fam? it was great to get to talk to you all for that long of time, it was just what I needed. Im sure you are all anxious to hear about the Guatemala CCM so I'll get right to it.

Compared to the Provo CCM which was kind of like a boarding school feel, this CCM has like a preschool kindergarden feel to it. Seriously, at seven thirty every day we have snack time, where we have a fifteen minute break to go get some donuts and juice or something like that its way sick. The weather has been a pretty consistent 70-80 degrees, which has been way nice. The humidity hasn't even been that bad except for today! This morning I could see my breath even though it was like 60 degrees it was weird.

All of the native Spanish speakers are so nice to all of us Nortes. They are in a separate district but I still get to talk to them a lot. They are really funny. My companion is 6 foot six inches tall named elder A so he really towers over everyone. A lot of them are maybe a little taller than Maddie. They all struggle with both of our very German names, its always a treat to try to hear them butcher both of our names.

The food here is amazing, all homemade, we have had some authentic stuff but also hamburgers, lasagna, its very good. They have this Mango Juice that you can get every meal but I am trying to be careful not to drink too much. I have heard that It can wreak havoc on your system.

What else... oh Spanish, its getting much better, I am more immersed than I was in Provo but still not completely but I feel a lot more comfortable with spanish which is good. Last sunday we went to church in this tiny chapel directly to the East? of the temple. It didn't have air conditioning but it is just awesome to have the windows open and hear the birds singing in the background. Between that and the palm trees I feel like I'm in paradise.

Unfortunately I can't send pictures from here but as soon as I can I will send you the ones I have. If you google the Guatemalan city temple that is literally a couple hundred yards from where I am staying. I haven't really gotten to go out into the city yet, supposedly on our next p-day we will go on a tour, should be pretty fun. Guatemala City is kind of a weird place, they have dominoes, burger king, etc. really nice cars like audis, or porches, but you also see just the most beat up beaters you have ever seen driving along the road. Its weird to see such a big income gap.

On p-days some of the ward members bring stuff to sell to the missionaries, most of it is pretty cool but it all says Guatemala on it so I'm not really gonna spend too much, I did buy a tie for about 15 quetzals which is about 2 dollars. It is actually a pretty cool looking tie. I might pick up a few more just to add some more variety. Its really all I have to change.

At nights its really funny to hear all of the latinos sing american songs, the other night they were singing I gotta feeling, and Imma Be by the Black Eyed Peas, or Call Me Maybe, I guess there is no where on earth you can get away from pop music.

Sorry if this letter has been really scatterbrained, I am just trying to get as much written down as I can, since I have to read your emails and then write my half hour is stretched pretty thin. This keyboard also doesn't have an enter key that works so no paragraphs for you.

Anyway it sounds like you guys are all doing well, busy but well. I hope Katie is doing okay too, she seemed fine when I saw her but It can be overwhelming at times. Its weird to think that in three weeks from yesterday i will be in the field. its kinda hard to believe, I'm pretty sure I have lived my whole life in the CCM, I will be taking a bus down there too just so you know, but the person I was talking to said it will be something like a greyhound which was reassuring because there are all of these crazily painted old school buses that are packed full of people that zip around Guatemala City, the drivers are seriously crazy. Three hours in that wouldn't be fun at all.

All right everyone, I love you all and have a great week.

Elder Schriever