Friday, January 18, 2013

MTC Week 5

         This week has been kinda crazy, after the letdown of not getting to talk to you guys, and not going to Guatemala for a week I was a little bummed out. But i'm doing fine now. The five minute conversation was almost worse than nothing because it reminded me how much I miss you guys. but this wednesday we can talk for almost as long as we want. My Spanish is actually getting alot better, even one of my teachers told me that over the past week my Spanish has gotten a lot better, which is really good since starting on wednesday thats all I will be able to speak. but on Tuesday after I would have left, Elder Holland came and spoke at the MTC which was way cool, he also rededicated three of the buildings here that had been remodeled, It was an awesome meeting and I really enjoyed it alot. just so you guys know i haven't really gained much weight! I am sitting around 190 right now but with an hour of Gym every day I have actually gained some muscle mass, it really makes me happy. BTW how are you guys doing on your goals? I really hope that you try to work on all of them, I put alot of thought into what I should challange each of you to do.
        Anyway life here is kinda how it always is class, gym, eat, sleep repeat. It is kinda all bluring into one big memory. But I am trying to keep a daily journal, and I have written almost a whole page every day, Sometimes it's hard to think of what to write but I know that someday in the future I will be thankful for the time that I spent recording what I did and how I feel. Its weird to think that it has been almost a whole month! It has flown by so quickly! it seems like only yesterday i was at home getting ready to leave! weird! thank you all so much for the letters that you send me, it really makes my day when I get to hear about how you are doing and whats going on! will you all do something for me? I have a couple songs that I really wish I could listen to that are always stuck in my head and if you guys could listen to them for me maybe vicariously it will help me get it out of my head. I wish I could listen to: Simple song, Australia, Battle Born, New Slang, Carry On (F.U.N.) and Kill your heroes by AWOLNATION. It turns out Elder N is a Killers and Shins fan, so alot of times we will both start singing songs from the killers' or shins' new albums and it brightens my day. yesterday I think we sang simple song all of the way through, it was glorious.
        It's weird because I can feel my english starting to slip, alot of times when i try to write Christ, it comes out Crist, because in spanish "Cristo" doesnt have the h in it, I never had very good grammer but I feel like my English is getting worse. Im just grateful I don't have to learn Chinese. I was in the bookstore and I saw a chinese copy of the bible, I flipped though i and it made me apreaciate Spanish so much more! also there was something that I thought was  armenian? and It looked imposible, its just a bunch of swoops, strange. anyway i'm almost out of time. But I love you all and hope you guys are doing well.


Elder Schriever